Camping Security: 3 Ways To Protect Your Items During Extended Stays

Posted on: 23 May 2016

Enjoying the outdoors during a camping trip is a great way to simplify your life and create some great memories with family and friends. But when you go camping, you are giving up a lot of the modern conveniences that come with everyday life. One of these is security. When camping for an extended period of time, your personal items may be left out in the open and vulnerable. But instead of constantly worrying about your items, you can set up three different types of security to secure your campsite. Each method can help protect a variety of items and help you feel safe while camping.

Camp Perimeter Security System

A campsite doesn't feature the walls and doors that a home gives. This means that other people or wildlife can easily enter your campsite from any direction. Help keep the whole campsite protected with a camp perimeter system. These systems are ideal for night use. A sensor system is set up on the corner of a campsite and sensors can cover the set up area. When someone or something passes by the sensors, an alarm will go off and you can also receive an alert through a phone or other device.

Instead of using an actual fence or ropes, the perimeter is created using an invisible system. This allows you to easily move on and off your campsite during the day or when the system is not active. These systems can be set around your whole campsite or around a specific area like a tent. When activated, there is also a tampering alarm that can go off in case anyone tries to remove the devices or disable them.

Enclosed Motorcycle Trailers

Leaving everything out in the open can make it seem vulnerable to easy theft. When you're not using camping gear, it can easily be organized and protected with an enclosed motorcycle trailer. These trailers feature large openings that make it easy to load and unload items while you're camping. It also makes it easy to pack for the trip and tow the trailer with you. Once your campsite is set up, the enclosed trailer can be used to store food items, coolers, and camping accessories like chairs. The trailers feature secure locks that can keep the items closed up while you're away from the campsite.

An enclosed motorcycle trailer is also ideal for storing bigger items while camping. For example, you can easily roll bikes and scooters into the trailer when it's not being used. Long fishing poles, nets, and other fishing accessories can be stored inside of the trailer. It's easy to park the trailer right on the campsite and next to places like picnic tables and tents.

Firewood Log Rack

If you're camping for an extended amount of time then you likely have a lot of firewood to burn each night. Protect your firewood and fire accessories with a firewood log rack. These racks can lift the firewood off the ground and keep it locked up. The firewood racks feature a netted or metal cover that goes over the wood and locks. Along with holding the wood, these rack can hold extra accessories like fire pokers, lighters, and cooking accessories.

The raised level of the log racks can help with food items and accessories. Keep pans, metal grates, and cooking utensils locked up and protected on the rack. Food items like marshmallows and other snacks can also be stored on the rack. It's a great way to keep all of your fire items organized in one location. A padlock is often used to keep these racks secure, but you can also use a combination lock so you do not have to carry too many keys while camping.

By planning ahead, you can ensure that your campsite is safe and secure for an extended amount of time. For more information, talk with outdoor and camping supply stores or dealerships offering enclosed motorcycle trailer sales