Finding A Great Used Car For A Teen

Posted on: 9 July 2017

Teens looking for their first car often turned to used vehicles. Right now, this is a great idea because of a variety of variables. Here is why parents should help their teen find a great used car at a reasonable price and what amenities a good used car should have for a teen:

The Costs Of Used Cars Is Falling

In 2014, the price of used cars peaked at an all-time high of over $18,000 on average. Thankfully, it has been estimated that used car prices will plummet by almost three percent every year for the next several years. Why is this the case? More people are buying cars than in 2014, creating a higher influx of used vehicles.

As a result, it is a good time for a teen to invest in a used vehicle. The prices will be lower, making it easier for the teen to afford. Even better, the quality of the cars is likely to be higher, increasing their chance of finding a great car that they can hold onto for several years.

Why Fuel Efficient Cars Help Teens

One of the most important features that parents and teens should focus on when buying a used car is fuel efficiency. While it would be great to buy a large SUV or a heavy pickup truck, most teens are going to appreciate the benefits that fuel efficiency offers. For example, they'll end up paying a lot less at the pump when driving their vehicle.

As the average teen is likely to want to drive their car as much as possible, fuel efficiency makes it easier for them to afford to have a little fun. And for teens who are concerned about the environment, a fuel efficient car can make them feel more positive about their environmental impact.

Features That Teens Should Look For In Used Cars

When searching for high-quality used cars for a teen, it is important to look for several features and amenities that make the car stand out for young drivers. For example, a good car should have cruise control, as this can help the teen maintain a safe and reliable speed. Four-wheel drive is a good feature, though somewhat expensive, as it can help teens out of difficult driving situations.

A good first car for a teen should also have an automatic transmission, as many teens won't know how to drive a stick shift. A third row seat is a common featured beloved by teens because it lets them hang out with more people. Safety features, such as automatic collision avoidance and anti-lock brakes, are also necessities.

By looking for a high-quality car with their teen, a parent can help them find a great car that costs very little to purchase. In this way, the teen can understand the importance and responsibility of car payments at a very young age. Contact a car dealer like Marshall Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram for more information and assistance.