Why Your Next Truck Should Have A Diesel Engine

Posted on: 22 October 2021

If you are getting ready to buy a new truck, you may want to consider buying one with a diesel engine instead of a regular gasoline engine. While in the past, a diesel truck was much louder and clunkier than a regular truck, technology has greatly improved on this. You may find that a diesel truck can be much quieter and gives a smoother ride now. Now that the comfort level is at par with other trucks, here are a few benefits you will receive if you choose to go with a diesel truck.

Towing Power

If you use your truck to pull a travel trailer for camping or perhaps you tow a horse trailer on a regular basis, you know how much of a hassle it can be to keep the speed the same when going up a hill or trying to accelerate to pull into traffic. A diesel engine has more torque. More torque means more towing power. You will find that towing with a diesel truck is like driving without having anything attached to the vehicle at all.

Fuel Economy

While it is true that diesel fuel is more expensive than gasoline (although that is rapidly changing), you will get better mileage with diesel. In the end, you will find that you are spending less on fuel with a diesel engine than you would have spent if the truck had a gas engine.

Less Maintenance

The components of a diesel engine are less likely to wear down and break than those of a gas engine. In fact, a diesel engine does not have spark plugs or a distributor cap, meaning less worry about tune-ups. These engines are designed and built to take a lot of pressure so they will last much longer. In addition, the tough build means you won't have to worry about major repairs for many years.

Diesel engines are no longer for big trucks or 18-wheelers. They are now available for most family trucks and even SUVs. When you go to the dealership to buy your next truck, ask to see one with a diesel engine. Take it for a test drive. You will be surprised at how nice it drives. If the dealership does not have the make and model you want with a diesel engine, talk to the salesperson about ordering one for you. Get the truck you want with an engine that will last longer, cost less on fuel, and work harder for you.