3 Major Factors to Consider When Buying a Used Truck

Posted on: 3 June 2022

Buying used trucks comes with various benefits, such as a lower investment cost compared to buying a new truck. Furthermore, used trucks have lower depreciation and insurance premiums than new trucks. 

However, due to the many 'used trucks for sale' advertisements, it is advisable to take due diligence when buying a used truck. Besides, you can never be too sure how well the used truck will fair after purchasing it. 

Thus, before buying a used truck, here are three key factors to consider. 

1. Service History of the Used Truck 

A used truck may look appealing, but to gauge its current condition, you must consider how well its previous owners serviced it. 

One of the best ways to check a used truck's condition is by reviewing its service history. The service history includes all maintenance services and repairs conducted on the used truck. Thus always ask a used truck's previous owner to provide the service history records even before you start negotiating on the price. 

The service history will let you know how regularly the previous owner had the truck serviced. Also, take note of all the repairs done on the used truck. Reviewing the repair history of a used truck is vital because it lets you know what kind of damages the truck incurred in the past. 

Always review a used truck's servicing and repair records to ensure you fully understand its current condition. 

2. How the Used Truck Handles During a Test Drive 

No one buys a used vehicle without test driving it first, and thus the same principle applies to used trucks. However, you should not test drive a used truck like a regular family car since after all, you intend to use the truck for hauling goods. 

When test driving a used truck, make sure you have a load on it. Hauling a load during the test drive is a great way to get a good feel of the truck's handling, towing capabilities, and suspension system.

When test driving the used truck, don't stick to the tarmac roads. If possible, also test drive it off-road. An off-road test drive is perhaps the best way to determine if the used truck's suspension system is in good condition. 

3. An Independent Mechanic's Opinion 

Reviewing service history and a test drive may not uncover any underlying issues with the used truck. Hire an independent mechanic to inspect a used truck before buying it. A mechanic can examine every aspect of the used truck and inform you of any potential issues that may arise after purchasing the truck.